Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Superstar Holidays From Hell - How Trip Insurance coverage Can Solve Travel Tragedies

Journeys away aren't always a time of rest and relaxation, even for those who're rich and well-known the dream of mendacity by a pool in the sun can flip right into a nightmare. We look at celeb vacation disasters, and the way travel insurance may help put things right.

Vacation Illness

Whether or not it's Delhi belly or the Torremolinos trots, many of us have skilled food poisoning while abroad. Model/actress/presenter Kelly Brook as soon as succumbed throughout a holiday to Tunisia, presumably after an excessively Large Breakfast.

Minor illnesses can usually be controlled by over-the-counter medication, however more severe circumstances could involve hospital treatment. So it is at all times finest to be sure that your journey insurance coverage offers enough medical cover.

Even in the event you're in Europe, where you can use the EHIC card, journey insurance could still show beneficial as only emergency care is roofed underneath the scheme. Repatriation prices to the UK should come out of your own pocket if you don't have the appropriate travel insurance. This may very well be an enormous invoice, e.g. despite Australia's reciprocal medical care agreement with the UK, your return to Britain after an accident down under could set you back up to £20,000*.

Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel once broke his leg in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland; did you have got one thing In Your Eyes on the time, Peter? Such accidents usually are not unusual on winter-sports activities holidays, and the hospital bills can rapidly mount up. Take a look at our buyers' guide for winter sports insurance, and guantee that your journey insurance coverage explicitly covers you for sports-associated incidents.

Flight frustrations

When a flight to the Seychelles acquired delayed on account of unhealthy climate, DJ Zoe Ball was stranded for a number of days, most likely wishing she'd stayed in Brighton. Some journey insurance policies pays up for long delays, e.g. £30 for the primary 12 hours, then extra sums for subsequent 12-hour periods.

If you happen to're like chef Ken Hom and have issue making it to the airport on time, you may be able to declare on your travel insurance. The Chinese language-meals guru once turned up late for his plane to Hong Kong. Luckily the airline managed to seek out him a new flight, so he wasn't pressured to 'wok' to his destination.

Examine your policy particulars fastidiously although, as many journey insurance coverage providers will only cover you for flights which might be missed due to incidents exterior of your control, equivalent to automobile breakdown. Forget to set your alarm and you'll in all probability need to stump up the cash yourself.

Lost and stolen baggage

It isn't just the annoyance of spending a fortnight's holiday in one outfit; changing the contents of a large suitcase might be pricey. On a trip to Maui a couple of years again, foul-mouthed foodie Gordon Ramsay suffered a holiday nightmare by shedding his luggage. We imagine the hotheaded chef turned the carousel air blue with his first-class F-Words.

Relying on your particular policy, your travel insurance supplier will usually offer you an emergency payment if the bag is missing for over 48 hours. That is intended to allow you to buy replacements resembling new underwear and toiletries. If the luggage is declared permanently lost, you ought to be coated for the gadgets it contained, up to a certain limit (usually around £2,000).

NOTE: Airways are also answerable for misplaced baggage. In case your baggage is delayed, you'll be able to ask the airline for a right away cash payment to cowl necessities similar to toiletries. Also, if your baggage goes missing and is not recovered after 21 days, you're entitled to compensation from the airline. For extra helpful info on airport baggage responsibility, learn 'Airport Chaos - How You're Lined for Delays, Cancellations, and Different Airport Ups and Downs'.

Expertise-contest judge Amanda Holden had her cell phone stolen while holidaying in Barcelona. It pays to be careful together with your belongings as travel insurance coverage cowl is commonly invalidated the place objects aren't adequately secured. Many travel insurance coverage policies have a low higher-restrict for individual items, so when you have anything particularly precious, like an engagement ring, it's typically worth ensuring it isprotected away from house beneath your house insurance coverage policy.

Uncommon journey disasters

Reality-TV star Jade Goody dodged a falling electrical pylon at villa she as soon as rented in Tobago. A complete travel insurance coverage coverage will cover the cost of alternative lodging if anything occurs to the place the place you're staying.

Jogtastic Paula Radcliffe outdid Jade with a marathon-run of holiday bad luck after encountering, not one, however two hurricanes in the identical vacation, first in Florida and then in Antigua. Sadly, pure disasters are sometimes excluded from travel insurance insurance policies, so if planning on going somewhere the place the chance of freak weather conditions is high, examine your terms and conditions to see if 'Acts of God' are covered.

If our tales of movie star journey woes haven't utterly put you off your subsequent journey away, consider taking out travel insurance before you go. It could not stop you from entering into problems whilst away, but it surely's invaluable in helping to sort them out.

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